5 reasons to get moving during work hours
5 reasons to get moving during work hours

I don’t feel happy sitting in front of the computer all day. In fact, it makes me feel tired, lazy and drowsy. After such a day you can sweep me up! Fortunately my work is very flexible which makes it possible to work from home. On those kind of  days I will go out for a run midday, or if that doesn’t work, I try to walk for half an hour. Exercise during your workday is important.

Here’s why!

  1. Movement promotes creativity and enhances brain activity
    Are you scrolling through your social media apps, checking the news or answering your private mail  during the lunch break? Your brain is still processing information from your work, it’s much better to clear your mind. After a run you will feel better, think clearer, get creative and be productive.
  1. Running and moving fights stress
    1 in 7 people suffer from burnout complaints. Shocking! By reducing stress you will prevent the chances of a burn-out. When you go for a run during your workday (cycling, playing football, walking, etc. is also efficient) you will use your body instead of your brains. Your body will produce hormones and substances such as endorphins and BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor), which will lower your stress level. In addition, you will wake up your body which gives you energy to work for the rest of the day.
  1. Fresh air, the sun, vitamin D!
    This is especially helpful for people who don’t get out a lot, because they are in an office all day. Not getting outside can cause a vitamin D deficiency, since your body receives this vitamin via sunlight. Possible consequences of a deficiency are: feeling lethargic, low energy levels and even anxiety attacks. During the night the sun has already set, so it’s important to go for a run during the day.
  1. Not to mention: your body
    Exercise promotes mental health, but obviously it’s also good for your body. You can lose weight, improve your fitness levels and / or get stronger. That’s why it’s advised to exercise 150 minutes moderately intensive (walking, running, cycling) each day.
  1. Finally: it saves time
    When you work out during the day you will have time to do other things in the evening!

Are you active during the workday? Discuss this with your colleagues or employer. Look what you can do to create a healthier and fitter workplace.

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Running therapist / Work- and Organization psychologist. Founder of Run Free Groningen (link: www.runfreegroningen.nl) I use running as a treatment method for depression and burn-out. With my blog I want to inspire you to also exercise, especially for your mental health. I like sports, but also traveling, wine and good food.

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