Do you experience a lot of stress? Are you constantly worrying about so many things? These worries stay on your mind at the most trivial moments of the day. These tips could help you to stop worrying and reduce stress. They seem simple, but apply them and let’s see how you feel!

#1 Distract yourself
It is harder to worry when your mind is somewhere else. Look for something you like to do, or go and do something useful. Watch a movie, clean the house or call a friend to hang out.

#2 Talk about your worries
It seems obvious, and maybe it is. But do not underestimate its effects! It can be very comforting to share your thoughts with someone else. They can give you their advice, or maybe just a different perspective. Do you notice something different about the person you talk to frequently? Is it someone who goes along with your thoughts and feelings or is it someone who is playing devil’s advocate? Try to talk to people who react differently and see how they react and deal with your story.

#3 Listen to music that makes you happy
Listening to music can be a distraction or it can lighten up your mood. It will make you worry less and be a lot more positive towards the problem.

#4 Realize that you cannot predict the future
Neither if you keep mulling over it. In most cases you are not able to predict the future, however often the situation will turn out to be less bad than expected. Try to do the opposite: think about situations where it all goes well!

#5 Plan in time to worry
Plan in 15 to 30 minutes a day to worry about everything that is concerning you. Do not lose track of the time, you are not supposed to worry longer than the given time period. By planning your worry-moments and be in control of those moments, worrying will not be a problem for the rest of your day. Next to that, you will notice that worrying will get less intense, because you are consciously paying attention to it.

#6 Keep a journal
Write down your thoughts. This gives you an overview of your thoughts, and a bigger insight in your concerns. Maybe, after awhile, you will find patterns in your thoughts. This is an important step to break through negative thinking patterns.

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