Upcoming Sunday a new adventure will begin and I am starting to get so nervous! I wrote about trying new things in this blog post, and after 8 months of dreaming about it, it is finally time for a beautiful, challenging but tough week.

Not just a vacation
It is not just a vacation. It will be a week with so many new experiences and places. To a country I have wanted to visit for years: Norway, finally I can come and see you in real life!

Together with my partner we will drive a beautiful 1979 Ford Capri through Norway (and perhaps a bit of Sweden). Only the two of us in the car, with coffee and a beautiful view.

What it means
Sunday morning we have a meeting in Drenthe with all the teams. From here we will all go to Kiel, where we will board on the boat to Norway. The four days that follow are exciting, because only in the morning we will get the plan for that day. The only thing we know in advance are the hotels where we will stay. We also get to do assignments, for example: make a snow angel and take a picture of it as proof.

On Friday we take the boat back from Norway to be home on Saturday, to jump on the couch and recover from a beautiful week.

All those new things that are coming cause chaos inside my mind. On the one hand, I am really looking forward to it, but on the other hand, I am really upset about it. New people, a new environment, a different bed. It helps that I made lists with things that I have to take with me, I notice that I am calmer because of that. Packing my bags on time also helps.

I have already checked the hotels we booked, every night we will sleep in a different hotel. However, this is the only thing I can “get to know” before we are there. My partner has not checked them yet, he is too busy with the car. But I really need to know what the hotels look like and what to expect.

Good match
This is our first holiday together. Exciting! But I am absolutely not afraid about how it will be between us. I am looking forward to spend this week with him. I know how he is, he knows how I am. And also, he knows how to deal with my insecurities and stress. Because of  that I have been able to enjoy the things that I do in my life so much more recently.

I expect that this will be one of my most beautiful holidays. And I hope that I can be proud of myself afterwards. Another big step, but a beautiful one!

This week’s song is ‘Take me home’ from Jess Glynne. She has a beautiful voice, it even gives me goose bumps sometimes. I chose this song because the song summarizes how my relationship feels to me. And because I feel at home with him, no matter where we are. And because he will bring me home safely after our beautiful week!

Love, Renée x

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