From the moment we were back from Norway, S.C. started browsing the internet. He often looks around to find something nice. Tools, engines, oldtimers. And I join him now and then, because he always knows where to look. And it speaks to me too. Tinkering, an old-timer. It would be so wonderful to crawl behind the wheel of such a car!

As a little girl
For as long as I can remember, I have loved cars and motorbikes. As a kid I sometimes joined my father to work on Saturdays, he works at Ford. I helped him polish cars in the showroom or wash the cars with the mechanics outside when the weather was good. I always enjoyed being between the tools and the smell of oil and gasoline. I also liked to go on the motorbike with my father or grandfather. I still remember a very warm ride to Scheveningen. I was on the motorbike with my neighbor and my step-sister with my father. Biking through traffic and in leather pants on the terrace. It made me feel so cool!

When my father started to build his Westfield (kitcar) in the garage, I wanted to come along. When I visited the garage for the first time I was overwhelmed with what was there. And when the body of the Crafter was loaded, I was amazed to see that it had fit. When I think back, I get a smile on my face.

Then the first time I was allowed to drive in that Westfield, it gave a real kick. When we had a drink at the pub, we got quite some attention from other people. A nice car and I, as a little lady, behind the wheel. My father and I even laugh about it today. I think he was and still is a little proud of his daughter who is crazy about cars.

Now it is my turn
A few weeks ago I received a message from S.C .: What do you think about this car? We looked for it on the Internet a bit and I ran into some nice things. We then sent some cars back and forth and suddenly he said: I am seriously looking, then soon you will have a car to ride when the weather is bad. Okay, so we’re looking for an oldtimer?! Unfortunately I did not get him crazy enough about a Ford Mustang. But before I knew it we were visiting our first potential oldtimer. A bright orange Opel Ascona. But unfortunately it needed too much work, so we did not get it. The next one Opel Kadett, S.C. also did not like it. So we also left this car for what it was.

Then I got a link via Facebook. I looked at the photos and read some information. S.C. said: Do not mind the colors at this moment, I think that something really beautiful can be made of this. So you guessed it, a day later we spent almost 2 hours in the car to get there and take a look.

We were enthusiastically received and when I saw the car, I tried to imagine what it would be like painted and with the seats in place. Because now the car has three colors, only the steering wheel and the engine block in it (even the windows are in the trunk!) It looks very nice, but I’m not trying to be too enthusiastic because I’m not the one who has to work on the car to get it proper again. I see something about S.C. his gaze and have the idea that he also sees it. We agree to have contact with the owner the next morning. And on the way home we both get enthusiastic. We can certainly make something beautiful out of this.

It is time!
The next morning I get an app: I sent a message that we want to take the car. I am of course close to jumping through the roof. The current owner has a hard time selling the Opel, he has the car for 7 years now and drove it a lot. During the retrieval last Wednesday, I also noticed that he was emotional. But we have ensured him that we will take good care of it and that we will keep him informed of the progress. In addition, we had to promise him that we will come by when the car is ready. Of course! The car ends up well and I am finally going to learn how to tinker!

Last weekend we started packing all parts safely. The car is now almost completely empty. Now we are going to circle all unevenness so that everything can be made even. Then the tinkering and dyeing starts. From red to pink! Because yes, I was the one to choose the color. Fortunately, S.C. already suspected that it would then be that color, I did not even have to say it. I had to laugh about that. He knows me too well!

This is our new project, I am really looking forward to it and can not wait until it is finished! M. thanks for your trust in us. We will make something beautiful out of it and come by when it is finished.

The song of this week is: Summer nights by John Trevolta and Olivia Newton-John. This song fits with the image I have on the finished car: a pink Opel Kadett from 1968.

Love, Renée

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