Most people have fear of little things like spiders or heights. When your daily life is suffering from these fears , it can mean that you have a phobia. You can notice this when you can not perform certain tasks anymore. For example, you can not go to the market anymore, you can not travel by train of you are avoiding the zoo. So when your daily life suffers you can speak of phobia or anxiety.

What is a phobia?

Most people are afraid of something at some moment during their life. For example, like being afraid of spiders, heights or public transport. Because of this anxiety you are avoiding  situations where you are exposed to the situation.

How does a phobia arise?

A phobia can arise in many ways, however it has not yet been scientifically proven how phobia exactly. Different research implicate the following different factors:

Primal fears

This theory describes that everyone has primal fears. These fears are because of our past. For example, children are afraid to lose sight of their parents. This fear is congenital. These primal/congenital fears are, in some cases, too strongly developed in some people.  Because of this the body gives certain anxious feelings in situations when it is not necessary.

Hereditary factors

Research has shown that anxious feelings can be hereditary. However, how much this hereditary factors has an influence is still not known. Sensitivity of fear feelings can be heritable, but it does not have to mean that this is always the case.


Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in our brain which is involved in daily activities such as regulating the sleep, hunger/thirst and temperature. Also it has an influences on your mood, too little serotonin can cause depressive feelings.


Medication and drugs can cause less balance in your brains. This can cause fear and/or panicky feelings. Also drinking coffee can have an influence on your fear feelings, this is caused by the caffeine. When you have too much caffeine you can get a rushed feeling.

NiceDay: together with your professional you can discuss having a fear / phobia and can look at possibilities. Keep in mind that it is about going and not about treating your phobia. Of course we can offer well, also the means of NiceDay. So you are in your diary by holding which thoughts you are during those given situations.

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