A to-do list? These 4 reasons tell you why!
A to-do list? These 4 reasons tell you why!
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”Have a notebook next to your bed, if you wake up at night with a mind full of thoughts, you can write it down immediately! Within no time you will be sleeping again.” I got this advice a while ago. And as a true thinker, this is exactly what I needed. We all have a lot to do: at work but also at home. Writing things down, in the broadest sense, helps tremendously. Thoughts, feelings, events but also ‘just’ tasks! Here are some benefits of a to-do list:

  1. Peace of mind

    Making a list of what you have to do helps you to make peace in your mind. Because once you put it on paper, it is ‘out’ of your mind. This automatically means more rest and being able to focus on the task at hand. You will worry less about everything that still needs to be done, because you have the list as a ‘second’ brain.

  2. Work more efficiently

    Besides that you will have more rest, it also ensures that you work more efficiently. You can go directly to task 2 when you are done with task 1. And if you get distracted in the meantime, because you received an email to which you had to respond immediately, you can go back to your list to see what you were doing!

  3. Cross that task!

    You might recognize it; crossing a task feels good. It gives satisfaction. You can see how much you get done in a day! Tasks, big or small, fun or less fun, you do it all. You get insight into what you have already done, and that gives a boost to your confidence level!

  4. More time and energy

    Rest, the boost of crossing tasks but also working more efficiently ensures that you have extra time and energy! You can use this for example to get ahead at work or to do nice things with your friends, family or maybe something for yourself. Because who works hard, should get rewarded, right?

NiceDay app

At the end of the day, write in your NiceDay-diary what you got done and how you feel about it. Also write some to do’s in your Daily Planner!

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