Advantages of playing board games
Advantages of playing board games
voordelen van borspellen

As a child you probably played a lot of board games. Can you still remember what it was like? Totally absorbed by a game, which may have made you a little too fanatic. Or experienced frustration because someone else was winning? Another important question: did you enjoy this? Yes? Then I would like to invite you to gather your friends, relatives, housemates, a nice date or colleagues and to play board games again in the old-fashioned way!

In the past, games were regularly played in the evening. It was one of the few forms of entertainment. Nowadays, in our free time, we mainly enjoy watching Netflix, TV programs or we are active on social media. There is nothing wrong with this. But board games do have some advantages!

Advantages of board games

  • A big advantage of the games is that you can play it anywhere.
  • Your playful side comes up.
  • You get to know your fellow players in a different way.
  • It can make an uncomfortable date more fun, just by playing a game.
  • Board games help you to be more in the here and now, because you are less distracted by your phone.
  • It’s relaxing.
  • You train your brain to become better.
  • Playing with colleagues is great and good team building.
  • They have a positive effect on your mood.
  • You learn to deal with loss.
  • It provides a distraction at times when life is a little disappointing.

Enough benefits! So let’s play!

These are a few games with simple rules, a short playing time and easy to take it with you.

Monopoly DealMonopoly deal

Who didn’t play Monopoly? For hours you were busy gathering money, buying streets and concluding dangerous deals. Personally, I found it a big disadvantage that this game lasted for hours. Good news: Monopoly Deal takes about 15 minutes! The aim of the game is the same and still fun to play!

Qwirkle cardsQwirkle 

Qwirkle Cards is a smooth card game based on the Qwirkle laying game. Form series of similar symbols of colors and lay cards with your own from other people’s series. To win this game you need some tactics and some luck. Personally, I like this game because you have to crack your brain in every neighborhood. Do you like games with symbols and figures? This is a game for you!

Qwixx – Dice game

Qwixx is a very simple game and it remains exciting until the last roll. You don’t have to wait for your turn, because if a player rolls dice, everyone can cause the throw!

Have fun playing!

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