Friday the thirteenth, the day of the year full of bad luck. On this unfortunate day we like to avoid ladders and black cats. Few people get married on this day and many hotels do not have rooms on the thirteenth floor. Especially for people with paraskevidecatria phobia (an irrational fear of Friday the thirteenth) it is a dramatic day. Why do we associate this day with bad luck?

Different origins

Several origins are possible for the arise of Friday the thirteenth. A potential explanation comes from Christianity. According to the Bible Jesus Christ was crucified on Friday the thirteenth. In addition, thirteen people sat at the table at the Last Supper (twelve disciples plus Jesus Christ). During this meal, Jesus was betrayed by Judas, leading to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Marianne Williamson, an American writer, writes in her book ‘In femininity’ as a suggestion that according to folk tales the witches came together on Friday, together with a group of black cats. This folk story came from Scandinavian countries. At the meeting of the twelve witches the devil would be present as the thirteenth member, which we refer to as the devil’s dozen.

More recent research

According to more recent research, the superstition around Friday the thirteenth occurred later in time. According to a study, a Dutch newspaper from 1896 first spoke about this unfortunate day. The attention for this day originated from America, where the history goes back to 1881. In conclusion, it remains unclear when the superstition for Friday the thirteenth comes from

Really a day filled with back luck?

The following stories make you believe that Friday the thirteenth actually brings bad luck. For example, Tupac Shakur was shot and died on Friday the thirteenth in 1996. In addition, a plane crash occurred on Friday the thirteenth,October 1972. The plane collapsed in the Andes mountains and the surviving passengers had to eat their dead fellow passengers in order to stay alive.

The above events that took place on Friday the thirteenth are of course terrible. But is this reason for you to stay on this day or are you not so superstitious?

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