Are you waking up tired lately? 5 tips for you
Are you waking up tired lately? 5 tips for you

You have slept for 6, 7 to 8 hours, but as soon as your alarm goes off you can feel it: you are still tired. You feel dull, tired or slow. While you have slept enough, right? You may have slept “long”, but the quality of your sleep was not optimal. We hope that these tips help you further!

1. A dark and quiet bedroom

You may have a very cozy bedroom, but does it offer the right conditions for a good night’s sleep? Make sure your room is dark at night. Light disturbs while sleeping and can interrupt your sleep cycle. However, natural light in the morning does not hurt, this helps your body to wake up and get up. It is also important that your room is quiet. Do you suffer from noise that you cannot change? Earplugs offer a good outcome!

2. Climate in your bedroom

Make sure you pay attention to the climate in your bedroom: a clean, tidy and cool room improves the quality of your sleep. Try to keep the temperature around 16 degrees, vacuum regularly and ensure adequate ventilation. Opening the window in the morning also improves air quality when you go back to bed in the evening!

3. Rest your mind

Worry, stress or over-enthusiasm – your body and mind will not come to rest when things are still running through your mind. Try to “close” your day as much as possible. Are things haunting your mind? Talk about it before going to sleep or write it down for yourself. Do you still notice tension in your body, for example in your shoulders or forehead? A meditation, a hot shower or sex can make the tensions of the day flow away. That way you get to relax and you will fall asleep without restlessness!

4. Do not use screens before going to sleep

Yes, yes there it is again: no screens before going to sleep. The blue light ensures that you wake up or stay awake. Your body gets the signal that it’s still day, which makes it harder for your body to get sleepy. Try to spend the last few hours of your evening “screen-free”. This increases the chance that you will get up energetic the next morning!

5. Make your body tired!

Wake up more rested? Make yourself tired, including your body. Only being mentally tired does not ensure a relaxed body, which you do need to sleep well. Make sure you exercise enough every day. Do you have a job where you spend a lot of time sitting? Try to exercise moderate to intensive for at least half an hour. Walk or cycle to work! Are you traveling by public transport? Get out a stop or two earlier and walk the rest.


What do you do to wake up rested?


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