The season that many people fear  has arrived… autumn is back again. The shorts and dresses are being exchanged for the warm, oversized sweaters and the healthy tan on our face will fade soon. How could we be happy that autumn has arrived?! Read about the benefits that autumn brings in this article.

Take a look around

Let’s be honest, it is wonderful to see how the trees consist of all kinds of colors, the lovely fresh air that immediately makes you feel energetic, the acorns on the ground and all kinds of mushrooms that emerge. You only experience these things during autumn. So what is holding you back to have a nice walk in the forest and to enjoy mother nature? Put on your coat and boots and let’s go out! Bring a friend or go by yourself to clear your head.


After a nice walk, there is nothing better than entering a warm house and plopping down the couch. Just crawl underneath your blanket, light the candles and let the Netflix marathon begin! Moreover, when it is rainy and cold outside, this will give you the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with family and/or friends. Enjoy for example an old-fashioned game of monopoly!

Less stress!

Because in the Netherlands the weather is only good for a few weeks, people feel the obligation to enjoy the weather and to be outside. They ‘must’ go to the beach, they ‘must’ organize barbecues and ‘must’ have a beach body. These thoughts can cause a lot of stress in the long run. Not nice! There’s a big probability that you do not experience these kind of thoughts during autumn. In autumn,  the stress level of most people is lower. So grab some pepernoten, wear your oversized sweater and enjoy this time of the year!

NiceDay: What are the biggest benefits of autumn according to you? Write it down in your NiceDay diary. Besides writing in your diary, you can plan nice things to do in autumn in your Daily Planner.

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