Yesterday, January 21, 2019, it was Blue Monday or the most depressing day of the year. Why is the third Monday in the month of January chosen as the most depressing day of the year? You can read this in an earlier article on NiceDay about Blue Monday. The Blue Monday has been slightly hyped by the media. According to them, on this day we would feel the aftermath of the December month extra. We would have eaten too much, spent too much money and it will take more than a week before our salary is paid back. I can partly agree with this reasoning, especially in the too much money spent part 😉 But somewhere I think the Blue Monday as originally conceived is an attack on the people who have to go through a depressing day every day.


Imagine you are queuing up at the counter and two people in front of you say to each other, “I feel so depressed today. No idea how it comes … “What the other says,” I know why you feel that way! Today is Blue Monday !. “I sometimes fall for these statements. Of course, this person who feels depressed today may experience the starting point of a depressive disorder, but it may also be that this is not the case. If the latter is the case, I am standing in front of these two people and I would like to ask if they know what it means to be depressed. Many people do not know what the symptoms of depression are. For people who are really depressed, it is annoying to hear that someone feels so depressed today while he or she just has a lesser day. To make such statements disappear, it is important that we inform people about the symptoms of depression.


Fortunately, Blue Monday has been dominated by depression as a disease for a few years now. In the news on this day more attention is paid to depression and since a few years there is also the Depression Gala. Because of this positive attention, knowledge is transferred to society. This allows them to understand that “feeling depressed” does not only mean that you have a bad day. It concerns bad sleep, somberness, reduced or more appetite, poor concentration and sometimes suicidality. There are of course many more symptoms, but the point is that people understand that depression is a serious disease. As long as Blue Monday is set up in this way, it can certainly stay! Perhaps this day causes people who secretly suffer from a depressive disorder, dare to open themselves to their environment.

Always remember: you are not alone!



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