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Do you also love the smell of fresh coffee beans? A lot of people drink coffee everyday. Do you also like to start the day with a cup of coffee? People think coffee is not good for them because of the caffeine it contains… However, drinking a couple cups of coffee a day is not that bad!


There is prove that drinking two to four cups of coffee a day can decrease the risk of heart diseases with 10%. The same thing for a stroke, also here is the risk 10% lower. Another positive effect is that drinking one or two cups of coffee improves the concentration.

Negative effects of coffee

The caffeine in the coffee causes these health effects, but it can also have a negative effect. Negative effects occur when you drink too much coffee, you can get anxiety, rushed feelings and trouble with sleeping. Whether this happens or not differs per person.

So, is coffee healthy or not?

Coffee is not bad for your health when you drink one to four cups a day. Also you need to consider how you drink your coffee, for example milk and sugar. Drinking coffee just black is the healthiest. If you don’t like black coffee, you can use a sugar alternative or normal milk instead of coffee milk. Also you can consider to drink caffeine free coffee. This will not affect your energy level.

NiceDay: Write down how you feel when you drink coffee. Do you experience the negative or positive effects?  

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