Core values: what is really important to you?
Core values: what is really important to you?

Everyone has a unique set of core values: those things that you find important in life. By reflecting on your core values, you can give direction to your life. In this blog we explain how you discover your core values.

Core values ​​are your compass

Core values ​​indicate what you strive for in the deepest. They make your priorities clearer and provide direction in your life. If something is inconsistent with your core values, for example your job, if may feels not right.

Your core values ​​are also a checklist. For example, do your need to make a choice? Look if the choice matches with your core values. Does it match? Go for it! If it does not match, the choice is probably not in line with what you find important. It may be more logical to choose something else.

Which core values exist? Many! Some examples of core values ​​are: trust, growth, respect, creativity, freedom, love, status, integrity, success, playfulness, beauty and justice.

How do you determine your core values?

To determine your core values, it is important to discover what you find important in life. These tips can help:

Tip 1: Who do you admire? Write down who you admire. This can be a famous person, but also a colleague or a friend. Consider what you find special or inspiring about this person. There is often a core value behind this admiration.

Tip 2: What frustrates you? Consider what a day full of frustration looks like for you. What can really upset you? Write it all down. The opposite of your frustration is often an important value for you. Imagine that you always feel annoyed when friends look at their phones during a dinner. Maybe sincere attention is important to you. Or maybe you hate it if someone arrives late without informing you? Then integrity might be a core value for you.

Top 3: What if you are a wizard? Imagine that you are a wizard and can determine how everyone interacts with each other. How would this look like? What else would you like to see in the world? Perhaps you would like to see more exercise classes at schools, so health may be a core value of you.

Tip 4: Ask your environment. The people close to you can often easily identify what you stand for. Ask your friends, family or colleagues what they think is important to you and attach core values ​​to it.

Tip 5: Look at the value list. Download our list of core values ​​and choose your 10 most important core values ​​from the list. Write them down. For a month, start feeling which core values ​​resonate the most with you. Which core values ​​stand out every time? Try to come to 5 core values maximum. 

Keep in mind that your core values ​​will not immediately be clear. Take your time and reflect regularly.

Clear core values: what’s next?

Are your core values more clear? Consider whether your core values ​​receive the same amount of attention in your life. It is possible that some values ​​receive a lot of attention while others receive too little. Make room for all your core values. What would you do differently? What new opportunities do you see? Do your friendships match your core values?

For example, if you have discovered that freedom is a core value for you, it might make more sense not to work as an employee but to become a freelancer. Is creativity an important core value for you? Check if there is enough creativity in your life. Maybe you can make more time for a creative hobby.

What are your core values? What do you find really important in life? Share it with your coach in the NiceDay app.

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