Expressing love is not easy for everyone. Some people easily give other people a hug, other people do not like or dare to give someone a hug. In this article you can read more about expressing your feelings and how your feelings influence your relationships and yourself!

Expressing your love
It is not always that easy to express your love to somebody. Not everybody knows how to express their love or how to express appreciation. They feel the love and appreciation but expressing it is hard. This can lead to a lot of frustration; you would like to do it but you do not know how to approach it.

You can express the appreciation in different ways. It is not like you have to remind somebody the whole day that you like or love them. Or that you have to buy stuff to express your love/appreciation. Honesty is very important! People who treat other people in an honest and fair way, will be appreciated by other people. Honesty and fairly means that you treat people with respect. Treat them like you also want to be treated.

There are different methods and theories on how to increase your emotions and regulate them. However, emotions are spontaneous and it is an automatic reaction. Research shows that suppressing your emotions has negative consequences on your health. You suppress your emotions and this requires a lot of physical effort . Tension is building up, you are more irritable and this can also mean that your physical complaints will worsen.

So expressing your emotions and feelings is not only important in a relationship, but also for yourself. By keeping your emotions and feelings to yourself physical complaints might arise. Try to be honest about what you feel and say it out loud. Giving compliments is also part of showing appreciation. Read more about how you can give compliments in this article: ‘Compliments? They are there to be used!’.

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