Dag van migranten en vluchtelingen

Today is the day of migrants and refugees. For people who come to the Netherlands as refugees or migrants, the chance of depression or post-traumatic stress is two to three times higher than among native Dutch people. In addition to the stress and sorrow of leaving home and all the other terrible things that they may have experienced, there is also a great chance that they will not get or dare to ask for the help they need.

Care in the Netherlands

Although the problems are certainly not only caused by war (but also by letting go of family ties, possessions, work and all they know), there is indeed a cultural difference and a possible language barrier. Health care in the Netherlands is trying to provide the right help, but unfortunately there are only a limited number of people who can provide help in Arabic, for example, and waiting times are often very long. So we have to organize help in a slightly different way, for example, let’s take a look at where we can play a role ourselves.

A helping hand

Maybe it sounds obvious, but try to imagine how it should feel to leave everything behind and try to see where you can help someone out. Research shows that when it goes well with settling in the Netherlands mental complaints may disappear faster. Perhaps you can create openness or offer a listening ear. You might also be able to  offer some practical help to someone. How does it work, for example, to sign up for help? Where can I do that? Or maybe you can help someone in finding a job or support them with administrative tasks. Mind you, do not be too pushy. Something that is well meant may come across as intrusive. Small gestures often already have a big enough impact!

Experiencing yourself what it is like to flee (to what extent that is possible, of course …)? Visit the Humanity House in The Hague. It most likely increases your empathy!

Do you know or are you someone who can use some help? At i-psy they specialize in intercultural psychiatry and so they have social workers who,among other things, offer help in Arabic. In addition, you can always (first) contact us. For more information, visit niceday.app or send us a message!

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