Do you suffer from constipation? We have some natural remedies for you
Do you suffer from constipation? We have some natural remedies for you

Very recognizable to many – mainly women -, not sexy: constipation. Do you suffer from a slow bowel movement? These natural remedies can help you!

Possible causes

Constipation is – partly – caused by food. If you eat a lot of “heavy” food, such as gluten, wheat or pasta, then chances are that you will get clogged. How much “much” is varies per person, one is more sensitive than the other. On the other hand, dietary fiber from wholegrain products (for example wholegrain bread, brown rice and wholemeal pasta) as well as fiber from vegetables, fruit and potatoes are good to include in your diet!

In addition to nutrition, there are other factors that influence your bowel movements. Stress, irregularity in your life, certain medication but also your psychological and physical state can have an influence.

Get to know your body

There are nice, natural ways to get rid of the blockage. But to get it right, it’s important to find out what makes you clog. Start at the beginning: keep track of what type of stool you have – see the different types here – and what you eat. Not so charming or fun, but very valuable! The better you know your body, the better you can take care of it. For example, your body can react strongly to bread, rice and pasta or precisely when you experience a lot of stress or are traveling (time zones). Monitoring provides more insight!

Get started with these 5 tips

Collected enough insight? The tips below will help you further!

1. Balance in your gut flora

A healthy gut flora is influenced by balance of your diet, bacteria and exercise. We need food with bacteria such as sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha. Fruit and steamed vegetables are also very good for your intestinal flora, just like healthy fats such as olive oil and omega-3.

2. Relax your bowels with ginger

Ginger also works against a blockage of your intestines, because it has a calming effect and therefore helps well with bloating, flatulence and spasms.

Make a tasty ginger tea or put ginger slices in a bottle of water. Hot water is better for you in case of a sore belly, it makes your bowels relax more.

3. Water helps

Drinking enough water is very good for many things, including healthy bowel movements. So make sure you have at least two liters of water a day to “everything” to flush;).

4. Peppermint oil for your bloated feeling

Do you suffer from cramps? Feeling bloated? Spread a little peppermint oil on your stomach and your bloated feeling will weaken a little immediately.

5. How do you sit on the toilet?

Last but not least: the way you sit on the toilet influences how well – or bad – your intestines can relax. Going to the toilet can do the very best in a squat position. You can do that by pulling something up on your knees or purchasing a squatty potty.

Do you suffer more than usual? Then a visit to the doctor is recommended!

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