Time, we think we do not have enough. No time for a workout, not enough time for that assignment, no time to eat healthy. We do not give ourselves enough time. That nice shirt needs to be bought now, that decision needs to be made now and we need to know what we will be doing tomorrow, now. But we live for about 82 years, that means 29.980 days. How is it possible we do not have enough time?!

Get rid of the ‘must’

We know you have that important exam, but would it be a disaster to retake it? Yeah, you have that assignment for your work, but will it be so horrible when it takes some more time? Take the ‘must’ out of your system and look for opportunities. What do you want? What can you do?


So when you do not have to do everything, you have to establish priorities. What do you need today? Make a list of what you think is important. Think big: what is more important, your health or that assignment from your work?

Time to think

We are so afraid to make important decisions, that we rush into one. We are afraid to make the wrong decision or for judgements of other people. Regrettably, because that often leads to the wrong decision. Give yourself the time to think about it. You can not control what you do if you can not control your thoughts.


Do you take the first chance coming your way? Too bad! Don’t be OK with that what is sufficient, but go for what feels right. A difficult relationship, a job you do not like or an education which does not fit you. Stop it! You will find the man or woman of your dreams eventually, you will find a job which fits you and there are so many more educations you will like. Take time, there is enough time!


Everybody wants a certain level of control, one person more than the other. Having control gives a pleasant and safe feeling. But you can not control everything. Only worry about the things that you can control and let the rest go. You will get yourself crazy when you want to control everything!

“Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.” – Kahlil Gibran

NiceDay: Describe what you feel and think today in your diary. Look back on this a week later. Do you feel and think the same?

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Sanne Kwakkelstein

Lifestyle Coach. Helps you get the best out of your body. Loves to travel, to cook and husky’s.

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