Eating healthy while traveling – is it possible?
Eating healthy while traveling – is it possible?

We tend to make less healthy choices on our way to our holiday destination. After all, we are on vacation, right?! On the other hand, we are sitting down all day without too much movement. Is it really wise to eat unhealthy too? Can’t we wait just a little longer to get our hands on the French fries and Italian ice cream? Is it even possible to eat healthy on your trip? With this blog post, we’d like to help!

Healthy eating at the airport

Many people take the plane to their destination. Fortunately, there are enough options at the airport to make healthy choices. Skip the Burger King, go ​​for healthier restaurants. For example, at Schiphol you have a La Place restaurant where you can make your own salad, or go for a tasty rice dish at LEON. Snacks can be bought at the ‘AH to go’ or you can take it with you in advance. Go for fruit, vegetables or nuts. Or take a nakd-bar with you.

Eating healthy in the plane

The airport has enough healthy options, however avoid eating in the plane itself. Our taste sensitivity decreases due to the low air pressure. Airlines solve this problem by serving food that contains a lot of (saturated) fats and by adding extra salt to the meals. A lot of fat means a lot of calories that you will not burn with sitting. A large amount of salt damages the kidneys and will cause fluid retention.

The most important thing during the flight is that you drink enough. The higher you go, the lower the air pressure, this causes dry skin and lips. Also, you sit in the same position all the time. You are going to retain fluid which flows to your feet. Not so sexy! Fortunately, you can prevent this by drinking enough. Therefore, bring a refillable bottle and fill it just before you board. Choose a spot near the aisle, in case you have to go to the bathroom. Leave carbonated drinks for a while, due to the low air pressure this can cause stomach problems.

Healthy eating in the car

If you travel by car, the same ‘rules’ apply as for the flight. However, gas stations often offer less healthy options compared to an airport. Therefore take a cool box with you in the car and prepare the necessary. Take for example some hummus or chicken fillet and some bread buns or crackers. You can also make a smoothie at home and bring it with you for an energy shot when you need it. Are you looking for a substitute for sweets? Then freeze some grapes and store a bag in the cooler. A a sweet appetite after 2 hours of traveling? Then these grapes are still sweet and fresh!

Also in the car it’s important to drink enough. Most people don’t drink enough, it’s super annoying to stop every 10 minutes for a toilet right? However, we often confuse the feeling of being thirsty with hunger. You will grab a bag of candy and before you know it, that whole bag will be empty and you will not be satisfied yet. Bring a bottle of cold water and freeze a bottle of water before your trip, this way you will have fresh water at the beginning and at the end of your trip.

Healthy eating on the go

You are on the road for a long time and you may lose sense of time and structure. It is precisely for this reason that it is important to provide a little structure in the journey by eating your three meals at fixed times. Eat enough during these meals and preferably prepare them (in advance) by yourself. Occasionally sinning is not bad, but try to keep the main meals healthy. This way you ensure that you feel fit throughout the journey!

Feeling sick?

After such a long day in a stuffy car, you may not feel well. That is precisely why it is important to eat healthy and balanced. Try to eat regularly throughout the day, choose light meals without too much fats and acids. Do not drink too much coffee before and during the trip. Is it too late and are you nauseous already? Cola can help you to get rid of the nausea, drink this in moderation and preferably at room temperature.

NiceDay: Are you going on holiday soon? Describe in your diary how you are going to prepare for the journey.

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