doelen en emoties

There are different kinds of emotions. These emotions are divided in six primary emotions; anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise. These primary emotions are universal, this means that in the whole world these emotions are the same. Emotions affect the pursuit of your well-being. Positive emotions restore and maintain the healthy balance of your body functions. Negative emotions disturb this balance. Stimulating the positive emotions helps you to look at things more positive. Also you will remember information better.

Striving for goals
Feeling and accepting emotions encourage you to move. Every person strives for this wish and tries to bridge the gap between his wish and the reality. This gap consists of goals, desires and expectations. If reality matches with this, we can experience strong positive feelings. Reality means: is it attainable for the person. Do not ask too much of yourself. If the gap between reality and our goals, desires and expectations is too big we experience more negative feelings. The reason for this is because it is hard to realize your goals, you have to work harder and you do not get the result you wanted. By setting achievable goals you will notice that you will have positive emotions. These emotions will help you with the progress towards your wish, the development of yourself and the achievement of your goals.

Emotions influence how you can achieve your goals. Also, emotions influence your health, especially with how emotions reflect on yourself. Negative emotions reflect in transpiring, palpitations and vibration of your body. These body reflections are reactions of stress. But also internal consequences like, bowel complaints, disturbance of your blood pressure and blood flow. These reactions and disturbances can stay long after the emotional incident. Because of this, the healthy balance of your body will be disturbed. There has also been a lot of research on the influence of positive emotions on your health. There is prove that when you are thinking positive, you will think more creative. Your brain is making more creative connections. Because of these connections you will have a more positive look and you will feel better.


“There is no change from darkness to light
from stagnation to movement without emotion”
– Carl Gustav Jung.

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