Experience story: NiceDay for anxiety complaints
Experience story: NiceDay for anxiety complaints

Mr. R. came to my to work on his anxiety complaints. An online treatment at Synaeda. This is his experience!

Why was help needed?

Mr. R. had suffered from agoraphobia at a young age, in his case he was very anxious about large open spaces. In his youth he had already received treatment, which helped him a lot. However, he recently recently noticed that his anxiety obstructs his professional functioning. The lessons learned in the past did not help him sufficiently in a recent situation.

What did the treatment look like?

First we identified how his anxiety hindered him in his work. After this he started to seek for opportunities to practice his tools. The patient strongly controlled this. He went to work actively with all practice situations that we had thought up or could occur. In addition, we pay attention to what frightened him and how he might think differently to overcome his fears.

R’s personal experience with NiceDay

After concluding a successful treatment, I asked him to share his experience.

“When I wanted to go to Synaeda for treatment for my anxiety disorder, I was given the choice to do this via NiceDay. This would mean that the sessions would not take place on location, but that all contact would take place via video calling or chat.

First of all, I was somewhat skeptical. I had expected a great deal of distance between the psychologist  and me literally and figuratively. Yet the opposite proved true. Marjilde soon gave me the feeling that an online treatment does not necessarily means distance. Moreover, this method of treatment gives you the space to have an session at work, for example. You therefore have no travel time to the relevant location of Synaeda.

The guidance via NiceDay is also very pleasant. You can easily keep a diary, in which you write down, for example, the moments you worked on your fear and how you felt about it. The practitioner reads this and returns to this during the next interview. The app also offers the option to send a chat message to your practitioner if you have questions.

If you have doubts about following an online treatment with NiceDay, I can understand that. Nevertheless, my experience has been positive, I have noticed little difference between this way of treatment and having conversations with a coach or psychologist  in the same room. On the contrary, it has the advantage that you have no travel time and you can decide for yourself where you want to have the conversation. ”

For privacy reasons we have anonymized the name in this text.

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Hi, I am Marjilde, working as a psychologist at the digital poli of Synaeda. I like to travel, ride a motorbike, read and do fun things with friends or family. Through NiceDay I would like to help you find back the balance in your life.

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