Fake it till you make it: this is how you feel confident
Fake it till you make it: this is how you feel confident

Self-confidence is a tricky thing. Almost nobody feels confident at all times, and fortunately, that’s not necessary either. However, feeling insecure in many situations is not nice, especially if it lasts for many days in a row. What it ultimately amounts to, is that reality is an perception: if you act confident you will feel confident. To stimulate this feeling, you can do some simple things. Try these best practices and boost your confidence!

Yes, it can be so simple. Smiling creates endorphin and serotonin, which make you feel better. This nice feeling creates a positive boost – so you look and feel more confident.

Think about your posture
Research indicates that your body posture tells your brain that you feel a certain way – this means that a self-assured posture will make you feel self-confident too! So: feet under your shoulders, chest forward, straight back, chin up, and make yourself long.

Everybody is struggling
Some people can hide it very well, but almost everyone has struggled with his or her self-confidence. Because everyone experiences moments of insecurity, most people are too busy with how others perceive them – so they do not even have time to judge you!

Do something that you’re afraid of
Do you find talking to strangers or having a group conversation scary? Try and analyze how you feel about it. Was it really scary? What went well? And what went wrong was that really wrong? The more you ‘practise’ the better you will feel in a similar situation next time. Step by step you will feel more confident in the situation.

Dress up
Sometimes you have days where you really do not know what to wear and that can make you feel insecure. Therefore, try to think about how you want to present yourself each day. Take time to buy nice clothes for yourself. You do not have to have closets full of extraordinary clothes, but make sure you have some items that make you feel confident. This can boost your day! Please note: even though this may boost your confidence it also matters how you are as a person!

What boosts your self-confidence? Share it below!

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