You have heard me say it multiple times before: try something new. It is fun and it can make you feel passionate about something. Getting away from your daily obligations for a while. I feel this way this during motorcycling and dancing. Putting the busy life aside to enjoy the moment.

But sometimes things get on your path that you do not see coming. When I met my current partner, he said he is a fanatic cyclist. I did not care that much about cycling, so I told him that I would lie in the sun until he would be back.

Give it a try
But then there came a day when he said: “Oh, honey, come here.” He handed me a bike during a weekly dinner with my in-laws. And it was the start of my biking experience.

The bike was of my father-in-law. It was too big for me, but it was good enough. I thought it would be nice to try it, just to see if I liked it too.

The first ride
I was completely ready to go and accustomed to the idea that I would go cycling. My very first time on the bike! Nervous and a little bit uncomfortable, I step on my bike and cycle behind my partner. A little anxious, I look at the thin tires… worried that the tires will get stuck between two tiles, and that I would off my bike.

After the first five kilometers I realize that this is actually quite nice. I have no idea how it will be in 30 kilometers, but we will see! We cycle through the dunes and I start to relax and enjoy it more and more. I forget to drink some water on the way, so after half an hour I start to feel a little dehydrated. But this did not spoil the fun.

Worth repeating
When we got home, I did not feel that tired. I actually had a nice time. I can feel the freedom on the bike that my boyfriend told me about. And like this, I can broaden my horizon and also work out. I was so enthusiastic about it that I jumped on my bike the next day again. But this time I went alone, again for 30 kilometers.

A big surprise
After a few times, it became more and more fun. My partner and I were having dinner with my mother one day and I heard him say: I am going to get something for Renée tomorrow, but it is a surprise. I had to wait for two days, but when the moment was there I was so surprised! He gave me my own bike!

The bike still needed a lot of adjustments, but that did not stop the enthusiasm. Next season I can use my own bike! One that is tailor-made and also completely to my liking.

Two weeks ago I could finally start biking on my own bike. The weather was awful, so the first kilometers were hard. The bike is not big, the wheel is not too far from the front, which works perfect for me!

I took a beautiful route along the water and through the fields together with S.C.. I told him that I did not want to cycle for 50 kilometers, but you guessed it: after 55 kilometers we were finally home. To give you an impression; that is two and a half hours of cycling !!

Slightly grumpy I ask him why we cycled that far. The answer was: because I know you can and to build up until 85 kilometers.

Training for the good cause
Last Monday the weather was great. So I went cycling on my own. A beautiful route along the water, around Schiphol, through the fields back home. A new passion was born, even though I did not even like cycling at first. The enthusiasm of my partner has been contagious. So contagious, that I am now training to cycle the Tour de Rotterdam. A ride to raise money for research on cancer. As you know, my father is ill, this is why I am going to cycle for him. If everything goes well, I might be fit enough to cycle a bit longer. But I will see. Now first I want to reach 85 kilometers!

The song of this week is: OK from Ilse DeLange. A wonderful song, the song gives me the same kind of energy as when I am on the bike. Thank you honey, for introducing me to the world of cycling. Something we can do together and I really enjoy. I love to share this with you! Cheers to a good season with lots of kilometers!

Love, Renée x

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