How to find happiness within yourself?
How to find happiness within yourself?

If you can find happiness within yourself, you can enjoy life much more. Everyone is able to find happiness in themselves. Only most people don’t know how to do this. Happiness has nothing to do with external circumstances. You cannot control external circumstances. What you can change is the way you look at things. To feel happy you must find happiness within yourself.

What makes you happy?

You decide what makes you happy and happiness can look different for everyone. In addition, pursuing happiness all the time is impossible. Seeking happiness outside of yourself almost always leads to disappointment. Finding your dream job and meeting your dream man/ woman gives you a temporary feeling of happiness, but that feeling also disappears. Everything in life is perishable and temporary. Therefore, do not let your happiness depend on external factors, but do something about it yourself. How? Through acceptance and awareness. By accepting your external circumstances and disconnecting your emotions from it, you can really experience happiness.

Unhealthy habits standing in the way of your happiness

Sometimes certain thinking styles or habits hinder our inner happiness. Below we name a few thinking styles and habits and explain how you can adjust these to find inner happiness.

  • Waiting for something to happen.If I have my dream job / bought that house in that city/ found the love of my life / traveled half the world, then I am happy.” Do you sometimes have such thoughts? Then you probably know that ‘happiness goals’ don’t work because you can come up with a different goal after every goal. If there are always new conditions for happiness you will never be ‘really happy’. If you wait for something to happen that should make you happy, you automatically give less pleasant events the chance to make you unhappy. Life is not always a party. Up and downs are also part of it unfortunately. By taking the bumpy roads every now and then you will experience more joy and satisfaction. It is about the journey, not the destination.
  • Worrying. Countless thoughts are floating in our heads. If we are dealing with something, we tend to worry. However, worrying has never solved any problems. To limit excessive worrying, scheduling a moment to worry can help. This moment is a fixed moment during the day where you allow yourself to worry about everything. Afterwards, try to accept the situation as it is. Accept and let go.
  • Living in the past. You don’t have to forget your past. The choices you have made in the past made you the person you are today. Therefore, be thankful for what the past has brought you and what the future holds for you. Let it be, because it is once again all about acceptance.

Listen to yourself

Do you still have trouble experiencing happiness, despite these tips? Then listen to your feelings, intuition and needs. These will tell you which path you must take to become happy.

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