Nuts are a healthy snack because of their healthy fats, protein and fibers. Next to that, nuts contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that make you feel energized. All nuts have their own specific characteristics. We will give you a short introduction.


Almonds contain more vitamin B2, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium than other nuts. Vitamin B2 is needed for your metabolism and is needed for healthy skin and hair. Vitamin E protects cells, the bloodstream and tissues and regulates the metabolism of cells. Because of its enhancing effect, Vitamin E is often used in face creams and shampoos aswell, but the true effect has never been proved. Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus are good for your bones and teeth. A shortage of magnesium can increase sensitivity to stress and exhaustion. A shortage of phosphorus can reduce your appetite.


Cashews contain phosphorus, iron, and copper. The biggest difference between cashews and other nuts is the big amount of selenium in cashews. Selenium protects red blood bodies and cells against damage and is needed for the thyroid. Iron is needed for the transportation of oxygen and for the quality of the defense system. You need copper for the formation of connective tissue and bones, hair pigmentation and a healthy defense system. A shortage of selenium, iron or copper can cause exhaustion and makes you more prone to getting sick.


Compared to other nut types, pistachios contain a lot of fibers. Next to that, they have a big amount of vitamin B6, phosphorus and potassium. Pistachios have less calories than other nuts. The high amount of fibers together with the relatively low amount of calories make pistachios the best choice (of nuts) for weight loss. That’s because fibers make you feel full for longer. A shortage of vitamin B6 causes complaints such as: exhaustion, confusion and depression. Potassium is needed for a healthy water balance and has a blood pressure reducing effect. Also, a shortage of potassium can cause psychic problems like confusion and depression.


Actually, a peanut is not a nut but a legume. Peanuts contain protein and vitamin B1. Next to fibers, protein makes you feel full for longer too. Protein is also important for muscle retention. Vitamin B1 shortage can cause problems with concentration, memory loss, reduced appetite and depression.

Research shows that people who eat nuts daily are slimmer (on average) than people who don’t. This can be because nuts make you feel saturated. However, you must not binge on nuts, because nuts are full  of calories. A handful or two is enough (about 30 grams).

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