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No more traveling to an appointment with your psychologist or waiting for the next session to air your heart, share your victory or request support with an assignment. NiceDay offers personal online coaching and therapy. Your professional always nearby.

You can follow online treatment via the NiceDay app at various mental healthcare institutions. You will first need a referral from your GP for this. You can also use the NiceDay app independently to work on your mental health! Follow the steps below to download and install the app.

Treatment via NiceDay

With a referral letter from you general practitioner you can apply for online therapy at one the below mental health care institutions. Click on one of the logo’s to read more about the institutions! 


Installing the NiceDay app

Step 1

Download the NiceDay app

Search for ‘NiceDay – Coaching & Therapy’ in  the App or Google Play Store.

Step 2

Start your journey with Joy

Open the app and tap on “Get Started”. Our chatbot Joy will be happy to help you get started as quickly as possible with a number of questions.

Step 3

Do you know who your professional / coach is?

You can find this information in the introduction letter from the organisation you’re having treatment with. Keep this information handy while installing the app! Are you not in treatment but would you like to use NiceDay independently? Don’t worry, this is also possible!

Step 4

Create an account

After your conversation with Joy you will be able to create your account. Enter your email address and password to finalise your account.

Step 5

You are ready to start with NiceDay!

Well done! Your NiceDay account has been created. You can now start working in the NiceDay app.

Download the NiceDay app