Where would we be without water? Nowhere of course! Water is the most important substance to survive, without it you can’t live. This is, of course, an important reason to drink water. Even one week without it, you can’t survive. However, water is important for more processes in your body. Every human has to drink at least 1,5 or 2 liter a day. It doesn’t have to be just water, it also can be other drinks. I’ll discuss four reasons why drinking enough water is important.

What a sparkly skin

By drinking enough, your skin will be more beautiful. Certain toxins in your body causes a blemished skin. By drinking a lot of water, you’ll get rid of the toxins in your body. Drinking water can reduce having spots and imperfect skin.  

Drink better, live better

Drinking a lot of water has as benefit that it can transfer oxygen and nutrients. Oxygen and nutrients get transferred by blood. Blood consist of 92% of water, because of this it’s important that your brain contains enough water. When your brain doesn’t get enough water, your blood gets treacly. This can cause clumps in your veins. The clumps in your veins can have a terrible influences on your well being. The oxygen and nutrients can’t transfer well anymore. For your joints it’s important that the oxygen and nutrients are transferring well. Altogether, water is important to transfer the oxygen and your nutrients.

You’re not thinking, if you’re not drinking

Get a quicker response by drinking water! By drinking water, the oxygen transport to the brain becomes better. The brain needs a lot of oxygen to operate. Also your brain consist out a lot of water, so water is an important element for the brain. If your concentration is reducing, or you’ve trouble with remembering. Drink a glass of water! Your brain might really need it.

Losing weight while drinking water

Everyone needs water everyday! One of the benefits of water is: it doesn’t have calories, it isn’t bad for your teeth, it’s cheap and you can find it everywhere. Also water ensures that you’re having a full feeling: How strange that might sound because clearly water doesn’t have any calories inside it. So whenever you’re feeling hungry, first drink two glasses of water. It can stop your hungry feeling, which might mean that you were thirsty instead of hungry.

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