Are you annoyed easily if you have not eaten for a while? Feeling hungry isn’t nice and if we can’t eat for a while this can be very frustrating. It can take the upper hand in your thoughts and strengthen (negative) emotions. But where does this feeling actually come from?


Hangry stands for ‘hunger’ and ‘angry’: getting angry because you are hungry. Maybe you recognize it, feeling angry towards the person next to you, simply because that person is breathing a little too loud. But, after you’ve eaten it’s all fine again. It’s OK, we feel you ;-).

Does hangry really exist?

More and more research support it, hunger is an emotion! And this has everything to do with hormones. If you have not eaten for a while, your blood sugar level drops. When your blood sugar level is (too) low, your body intervenes. Your body needs energy! That is why it sends out hormones to tell you that you have to eat something. These are the same hormones as the hormones released during stress. That explains the tense and agitated feeling.

How do you reduce hangriness?

When we are hangry, we are guided by our emotions without being aware of it. We see the world a bit more negative and blame others more quickly. Being aware of this already helps a lot. Is it really that bad that the person next to you is breathing so loudly? If you find yourself having (incorrect) negative thoughts, make sure to have a positive distraction. Listen for example to that song you like so much!

To prevent is better than to cure

Of course you prefer to avoid a hunger attack. Therefore eating enough and healthy is the only solution. It is important to keep your blood sugar level constant. Take snacks with you everywhere you go, for example some nuts. Leave white bread and pasta for what it is and go for the whole wheat version. Also make sure to consume enough protein, that’s especially important during breakfast. Do you normally have a sandwich for breakfast? Then also add a cup of yogurt or an egg to your meal!

Are you hangry sometimes?

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