Breathing, everybody does it everyday and you do it unconsciously. Only when you’re ‘breathless’, you will be aware of your breathing. The power of breathing is to use your breath optimal. Almost 80% of the people uses only 30% of their lungs while they’re breathing. The optimal use of the lungs are important for good breathing. But where is breathing right for?

Healing oxygen

Oxygen is important to your body. By breathing you get this oxygen, through blood the oxygen is transported to cells in the body. Because of the oxygen, cells can work well. Also damaged cells restore faster when they get enough oxygen. By good and conscious breathing, your cells get more oxygen and this will keep your body healthier in the long run.

Breathing your stress away

Breathing doesn’t just keep you a life it also decreases your feelings of stress. The brain consists of a lot of cells. And these cells also need oxygen. When you’re not thinking straight anymore, oxygen can be the solution, take a deep breath so the cells can get some fresh oxygen. You can also decrease the niveau of your stress by breathing the right way. If you’re breathing the right way, the stress hormone will decrease. The best way to breathe is by using your stomach. When you’re feeling tense, your breath will be shorter and less deep than when you’re relaxed. This is the chest breathing technique. The belly breathing technique is handy to relax. Try to do this technique is you’re feeling a little tense, it may help you relax. Try the following technique for when you are tensed.

How to do the belly breathing technique?

  1. Sit or lie down
  2. Put your hand on your belly, so you can feel your belly going up and down.
  3. Start to slowly breathe through the nose.
  4. You will start to feel your belly going up, your lungs will be filled with oxygen.
  5. When you’re done inhaling, exhale through your nose or mouth. Feel the belly going down while you’re exhaling.
  6. Try to exhale to times longer than you inhale.

Do this exercise for five minutes. Try to do this five times a day to get a really relaxed feeling. Also if you’re ready, you can try it in different situations. For example, in school, in the market of while you’re traveling by train.

NiceDay: plan to do the breathing technique in your Daily Planner and set specific times for it. Describe in the diary how you feel after doing the breathing exercise.

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