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I bet you recognize this situation: you are sitting on the sofa and you have cravings. Deep inside you know that you should not have done it, but you can not resist. Final position: you end up with a bag of chips on the sofa! How can you control this cravings and solve it in a healthy way? By eating healthy snacks that is not only healthy but also delicious!

What to eat?

Snacking does not have to be unhealthy. You can make snacks healthy and delicious. It does not have to be difficult with different kinds of superfood. Healthy and delicious snacks can be: little tomatoes, carrots, paprika, fruit or rice crackers. Do you prefer something that is easier to eat and does not take much effort? Making your own popcorn can be the solution: you do not have to put a lot of salt or sugar in it, this makes it healthier. Furthermore, nuts are very healthy to snack too. Read in the article of Lifestyle Coach Sanne more about nuts. Do you prefer sweet snacks more? Dark chocolate is not bad for you at all, actually it is even healthy.

How do you prepare a healthy snack


Buy a bag with dry mais, you can buy it in the market. Warm the pan with some oil and put the dry mais inside. You can bring it to flavour with some sugar or salt, or choose a weird combination like cinnamon. Enjoy!


Buy in the market rice/mais cracker. These are delicious to eat, even if it just the cracker without anything. However, you also can put something like hummus and/or avocado on top.  

Vegetable mix

Buy different kinds of vegetables that you also can eat raw, like tomatoes, paprikas and carrots. Cut the carrots and paprikas into little pieces or slices and put it into a bowl together with the tomatoes.

NiceDay: Take a snack in between meals and discuss this with your professional.

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