Highly sensitive and overstimulated: how do you relax?
Highly sensitive and overstimulated: how do you relax?

People who are sensitive get stimulated and overstimulated faster than less sensitive people. As a result, they have to schedule more time in their lives for relaxation, rest and breaks. In this way the nervous system can relax and the absorbed stimuli and information can be processed better. That is why you, as a highly sensitive person, need to take this into account and even make it a priority. This way you take care of yourself in a responsible way. What are you already doing to relax and unwind?

Your own relaxation techniques for high sensitivity

What helps you to calm down if you are overstimulated and have the feeling that you have given your all for too long, meaning that your battery is empty now or that you have the feeling that you will ‘explode’ due to both inner and outer stimuli? You already have a lot of wisdom, knowledge and experience yourself. Instead of following tips and suggestions from others, you might find it more useful if you get a clear picture of what is going well already in dealing with your sensitive temperament. Take that more into account or expand that further. Because sometimes it is not at easy to hear your own voice when there are so many voices, opinions and advice coming from outside. After all, you have been living with your own nervous system and temperament for a long time!

Relaxation in daily life

Do you want to find out when you really unwind and become aware of which relaxation techniques you already use in daily life? Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What activities and activities do I relax in? What gives me a feeling of inner peace?
  2. In which places do I feel safe and relaxed?
  3. Which memories, images, situations, people, and places from my past do I connect to rest, safety and relaxation?
  4. With whom do I feel comfortable with? Which people give me a sense of security, trust and closeness?
  5. Which music, objects, fabrics and smells soothe me and give me a good and serene feeling?
  6. In which daily situations do I usually feel at ease?
  7. Do I have small rituals or routine acts that reassure me and that I like to perform? If yes which one?
  8. Which person in my life embodies the most inner peace? What would that person recommend to me if I feel overstimulated, stressed or tense?

Do what feels comfortable

Hopefully this exercise will help you to make something more concrete in your daily life. Try to do more with those resources and expand them by following the aforementioned tips more often. Try to hang out with people who you feel at ease with. Or visualize memories that you associate with peace, relaxation and tranquility to combat the feeling of being overstimulated.

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