You might be familiar with the horrible nervous feeling you get before going on a first date. At a first date you probably do not know each other that well, so there is a chance that conversations could get awkward. Dying to know more about how to prevent such awkwardness?

You are not the only one!

Having a lot of experience with dating or not, the nervous feeling before a date will probably never disappear. Try to remind yourself that the date does not have to be perfect and therefore you should not be scared to make ‘mistakes’. Just be yourself and enjoy each other’s company. Try to remind yourself that your date could be nervous as well and that your date’s phone is probably also blowing up with messages of curious friends who want to know how the date is going. So remember that you are not the only one who is nervous. Try to accept the feeling and the nervous feeling will diminish over time.

Let’s talk about…

Which topics can you talk about on a first date? And which subjects are more likely to be avoided? It is good to think about this beforehand, because in this way you can avoid awkward or even dull moments. Asking questions about hobbies or work are quite standard and questions about these topics can give you the feeling like you are in an job interview. The conversation will become way more interesting once you start talking about special or goofy characteristics for example. You can also start asking the other person to describe his/her life in three descriptive words or ask about the three things that are on top of his/her bucket list. Fun and laughter guaranteed!

Let’s play a game

Have you ever heard of Dilemma’s on Tuesday? In this game you are supposed to come up with absurd dilemmas and the other person has to choose one out of the two crazy dilemmas. For example, do you want to wear wet socks all your life or do you rather eat a bottle of ketchup everyday? What would you choose and what will your date choose? This game definitely will make you laugh and the most important thing is that you will get to know each other better.

NiceDay: With these tips you will certainly get through your date while having fun. Write down in your NiceDay diary if you were able to apply the tips and try to write down how the date went. For example, what went well and what would you do differently on the second date?

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