kijk op de wereld

What we experience in life, our positive and negative experiences, influences the way we look at the world. Although we live together in one world, we all have a different reality.

Over the years, all kinds of distortions have crept into your view of the world. You probably no longer see the world sharply. People whose confidence has been damaged quicker have a feeling that it will happen again and may misinterpret signals. For example, someone will see dangers everywhere, while the other one may have too much faith in the world. And where someone discovers opportunities, the other one always sees limitations.

By becoming aware of the way in which you have learned to look at the world, you can observe the world more and more sharply. If you see the world more sharply, you can gradually let go of your distortions in your view of reality. This gives you more freedom to do whatever suits you. 

How do you view the world? Can you manage to see the word sharper?

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Ard Van Oosten

I am a psychiatrist trained in business management and researcher. My heart goes out to talent development. I connect knowledge of the brain with leadership and offer tools for personal growth and development.

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