What is happiness at work?

The definition of happiness at work is that you enjoy working and that you do what’s important to you. It is quite understandable happiness at work is very important. It goes beyond having drinks with co-workers or having an organised lunch. There are many aspects that contribute to happiness at work. Something that employers need to be aware of. Employers get more insight in the benefits of happiness at work and invest more. “Work-related happy” employees are more creative and more productive. It also causes less absence and it triggers more cooperation and the need to innovate.

There are five factors that contribute to happiness at work:

  • autonomy: am I doing what I want/ like to do?
  • personal growth: am I doing something I am learning from and isn’t it too difficult or too easy?
  • meaning: am I doing something with a purpose and do I find this important
  • relationships: are there people around me that support me?
  • vitality: do I have a healthy lifestyle?

Everyone has another perspective on happiness at work. One needs an challenging job with a lot of variety and responsibility. Another needs routine, less variety and a relatively easy job. Nothing is good or bad. It’s important to find the match between you and the goals of a company and its related tasks.

Happy personnel

Employees of Google have the opportunity to exercise during working hours. Climbing wall or volleyball field, there is a possibility to do all kinds of sports. Free food and drinks during lunch is also part of the contract. Do you have a musical idea? You could also dive into the studio with your co-workers. A power nap is also something to put on the list because Google stimulates you to do one when feeling sleepy! Not every company has a budget to focus on these kinds of extraordinary things. On top of that, happiness at work is something you will also find in the “little” things. What is important for employers to focus on?

  • Performance evaluations are normally used to discuss what an employee should do better. The advice is to focus on one’s qualities and contribution to the company. Of course it is necessary to review what needs to be improved. As long as the employer is constructive and the employee feels motivated to get back to work.
  • The best way to create productivity and job satisfaction is to let employees perform tasks their good at. A good team exists of different kinds of people with different kinds of qualities.
  • Make sure the work environment is green: plants give oxygen and give some piece of mind. If there is no time for an stroll during work, it is also possible for an employee to daydream and to gaze into the plants.
  • Give employees room and think in possibilities: what does my employee need and what feasible?

An employer has a lot of influence on happiness at work. It is also something an employee can be aware of. Personal traits like living a healthful life, self-confidence and flexibility will make you happier at work.

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