In general, work involves a lot of stress. Usually everything gets done at the same time, and often this has to happen as quickly as possible. The downside of this is that you are less productive and experience less pleasure in your work. How good will it be if you experience less stress at work through mindfulness and therefore feel better about yourself? Read in this article how you can be more mindful during work.

Say goodbye to multitasking

The American psychologists David Strayer and James Watson say that our brain is not made for multitasking, because we can only focus on one thing at a time. If you do two things at the same time, you have to constantly switch your attention back and forth, and this has major consequences on your productivity. It makes no sense to answer emails during a meeting and to start working on an approaching deadline. In order to be mindful at work, for example, you can start a meeting with one or two minutes of silence, alone or with your colleagues. During this mindful moment, you pay attention to the moment itself.

To-do list

Make a priority list! This list contains the tasks you can accomplish for that day. It is important that these tasks are reasonable, because it does not make sense to complete 20 tasks in one day. It is also important that you plan at least three moments of rest on this list. You can stretch your legs for a few minutes, get coffee / lunch, or get a fresh breath of air. By giving your mind a little break, you recharge yourself and you can get back to work!

Meditation at work

When people hear the word ‘meditation’ they often think about sitting on the floor in a particular position. However, meditation is also possible without anyone noticing it. During this meditation moment you take some time for yourself with the aim to let your thoughts come to rest. You can do this while walking to a meeting, getting coffee, and even when you’re in the restroom. It is about being aware of your thoughts and being in the moment. Also pay attention to your breathing and body posture.

NiceDay app

Do you want to be more mindful at work? Plan ‘mindful moments’ in NiceDay and write in your diary how this has been for you.

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