In 2005 Daniel Powter released the song Bad Day and it was an instant hit. It’s not weird that the song got immense popular because everyone experiences a bad day every now and then. Our current society seems to be obsessed with finding happiness. If you think that social media reflects the real world you would think that only a few people experience a bad day though. In addition, you often hear from others “that you have to keep smiling” and that feeling down can even be a waste of your time. Nonsense!

‘Cause you had a bad day
You’re taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around

Let it be a bad day

There is a reason why we have certain emotions. They are telling you something. By feeling your emotions when they are there, you make room for the particular emotions. Try not to resist it because you will achieve the opposite. If you resist, you will probably be stuck with it the next day. In addition, you set the bar very high if you always need to think and feel positive. Try to accept that there is a whole spectrum of emotions. Don’t fool yourself and let these bad days be.

Good self care

It remains important to take good care of yourself on these days. What do you need to get through a bad day? Do you like to talk about your day with a friend/ partner or family member? Maybe it helps to cook a nice meal for yourself? For some people it helps to exercise for an hour in the evening.

Try not to get stuck in negative thoughts about yourself or about your functioning. A bad day is part of life and that does not mean that you as a person have failed. Sometimes it can also help to dwell briefly at the end of such a day on what you are grateful for in your life.

The advantage of bad days

If you can embrace bad days then you will probably enjoy the better days more! If you can embrace the bad days then you will begin to see what you value in life. Who knows, you may find out that you are very dissatisfied with a certain aspect of your life. Think about it and the changes you can make in order for you to become satisfied again.

NiceDay app

Are you having a bad day? Register what happened in the diary registration in the NiceDay app. You can write it off and look at it again the next day. What did you learn from this day?

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