Sometimes words fail… – dealing with your feelings in a creative way
Sometimes words fail… – dealing with your feelings in a creative way

It can be difficult to talk about your feelings. Sometimes words fail and it is better to express your feelings in a different way.
Creativity can mean anything. Creativity is seeing something new, finding something new and doing or making something new. Think for example of coming up with solutions and new ideas. Because creativity can mean anything, it can also be expressed in many different ways. You can, for example, paint, dance, sing, write or take photographs. It is up to you how you want to express yourself in a creative way!

Maybe you do not know how to express yourself creatively. This is not surprising at all, there are just so many ways to be creative! Try to figure out what you like, visit a museum, for example, or watch videos on the internet about being creative. Remember that it is not the intention that you become the new Rembrandt! The point is that you can express your feelings and that you get to know yourself better. Below are a few ways to express yourself creatively:

When in doubt, dance it out
Sometimes you can free your mind by moving physically. Try to express the feelings you have in a dance. You can dance at home or in a club. It is important to dance to music that makes you feel better. For example, dance to music that makes you feel strong when you are afraid, or music that makes you happy when you are sad. You can also take dance lessons, if you like to be coached and if you prefer to be in a structured environment. Dance studios offer programs for beginners where you do not have to spend too much time and money on. Choose a dance form that fits well with your personality, for example you can choose hip-hop, jazz or ballet.

Write like it matters and it will
A good way to express yourself is by writing. For example your can write poems or short stories. Focus on how you feel and write the first thing that comes to mind. It will be a relief to free yourself from the thoughts and feelings by writing. Moreover, in this way you can gain a better understanding of how you think and how you feel. You express yourself creatively for yourself and for no one else, so you do not have to share your work with others. Let go of all expectations, you do not have to do it perfectly!

Let your heart sing
Singing is a nice activity, even if you are not very good at it. While singing, you can put your emotions in the form of a song. In addition, singing is healthy. When you sing, hormones in your brain are released and these will give you a feeling of happiness. Singing is also possible at (almost) every location; you can sing in the car, in the shower or in your living room (don’t be too loud, think about your neighbor). Do not think about it too much, just sing. Again, you definitely do not have to be the new Beyoncé. Sing songs that will confirm your feelings, such  as anger or joy. Let your emotions run wild and remember that these feelings have the right to exist: you do not have to suppress them.

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