Hygge: the Danish way of cosiness. It’s all about being calm and peaceful with all that is important. And the Danish know what’s right, they can call themselves the happiest country in the world for a couple of years already! Want to know their secret? We describe it in 6 steps.

Step 1: Seek warmth and comfort

After a tough day of work, it’s time to destress. Go and get comfy! Take off your jeans and get into a woollen sweater or your favourite pyjamas. Make a cup of tea and sit close to the heater. It’s cold enough outside already!

Step 2: Get a cosy interior

Make your home a cosy place. Don’t use bright colours in your interior but go for colours that radiate calm. Candles are very hygge, so light them even when you’re alone! Get some nice pillows and a beautiful rug. Change your bathroom into a spa and get some (extra) plants. Dive in Pinterest for some nice ideas! Your surroundings unconsciously affect how you feel.

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Step 3: Spend time with family and friends

Spend some time with your loved ones. Turn off the television and do not use your phone, enjoy each other’s company. Take a moment to be grateful for what you have and for the people who are part of it.

Step 4: Get some me-time

However, it’s also important to spend time with yourself. Do something you like and relax. Take a bath or read a book or magazine. Don’t think about other people’s needs and focus on yourself. It’s time to recharge!

Step 5: Comfort food

Does cooking stress you out? Go for comfort food! Comfort food can be very healthy, for example a vegetable stew and warm apple with cinnamon as a dessert. Also hot drinks and soups are hygge-proof.

Step 6: Get your rest

Stress is not done: hygge is all about rest and calm. Enjoy your night. Take care of yourself and the people around you. Let all the things bugging you go! Search the web for relaxation exercises of try some mindfulness.

“Hygge is about simplifying life, a feeling of cosy, being aware of a good moment, lingering over an evening with friends and stopping to enjoy the simple pleasures.”

NiceDay: Do you suffer from stress? Plan a hygge evening in your Daily Planner and write down in your diary whether it was successful and how it felt.

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