How to keep things healthy when starting a new relationship
How to keep things healthy when starting a new relationship

If you just started a new relationship you may be feeling a lot of feelings. From leftover first dates nerves to being crazy excited, solidifying your status with a new partner sometimes means some big lifestyle changes. If you’ve just started a new relationship, it can be monumental to remember to take time for yourself. While you care for your new partner deeply, checking in with your own thoughts and feelings is still important.

Mantras are a great way to recenter your thoughts and remember your strength. A mantra can be thought of as a seed for energising an intention. Much in the same way you plant a flower seed, you plant mantras in the fertile soil of practice. You nurture them and over time they bear the fruit of your intention. Starting a new relationship can be intimidating, but it’s important to remember that you deserve all the love and happiness this world has to offer.

If you’ve just started a new romance, and you’re feeling a lot of feelings, here are some mantras to keep you calm and confident.

I deserved to be happy and loved and everything is going to be ok

If you haven’t dated for a while, if you’ve never had a partner, or if your last relationship left you heart broken, the prospect of a new relationship may be a little nerve-wracking. Remembering you are strong, that you deserve all the love in the world, and that no matter what this new relationship has in store you are going to be OK.

I am choosing to be with this person in this moment

If your new relationship seems to be moving fast or if you can’t seem to stop thinking about the future, it can be helpful to take a breathe and live in the moment. Remember that you are choosing to date your partner, choosing to spend your precious time with them, and that you are choosing so in this moment. Starting a new relationship doesn’t mean you’re bound to them for life, or that you’ll never date other people again — it can mean whatever you want it to mean.

I will still make time for myself, my friends and my hobbies

New relationships are exciting, but having a partner doesn’t mean leaving your own life behind. Remembering to take time for yourself and your needs, as well as your friends and family, is an important practice as you start a new relationship. Marking out specific nights to go to the gym, do a face mask, or to have dinner with friend can set health boundaries and provide you with space to be your own person.

I was full and complete before the relationship and I will be full and complete if this ends

Finding someone who wants to be in a relationship with you can feel like finding a missing piece to a puzzle. Yet, you are full and complete no matter your romantic status. Your new partner may be the butter to your bread, but let’s not forget: bread and butter are awesome on their own too. Going into a new relationship, it’s important to remember you were full and whole before you and your partner defined the relationship, and in the event of a breakup, you’ll be full and whole again.

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