How to move more easily? (including mini-workout)
How to move more easily? (including mini-workout)

How can you move in a way that suits you? Of course this can be different for anybody. As long as you hold a certain pattern for a week or two, you will find out what’s the most beneficial for you, concerning your energy and mood.

Extra movement during the day
If you want some extra movement at work, you can take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Did you know that with the up and down walking of four floors, your chance of heart problems decreases by 30 percent? And that walking the stairs for an extra two-minute per day can stop an average weight gain? So go to the toilet on another floor, walk to your colleague, take a walk around the block during your lunch break, or grab your bike to work!

Home workouts
When you’re home, you have a lot more freedom to do exercises to get some extra work out. Get a workout video from YouTube, or teach yourself to squat 15 minutes every day. For your blood flow and burning calories, it’s best to activate large muscle groups, like your leg muscles. To lose weight, activities such as running, squatting, or doing exercises that appeal to multiple muscles at once, contribute the most. Such as a burpee: after squatting, you jump to push up, and when you get up again, you make a jump! Start easy so you can keep up with this habit and slowly increase your level of difficulty.

Visit the gym
At the gym you are free to do anything you want. An important tip is to vary your moves to get the most out of your sport session. Begin two weeks with half an hour cycling, alternate with two weeks of moderate strength, focusing on the correct exercise and the production of heat in your body. This ensures that you achieve the greatest health benefit, because you are more likely to stimulate blood flow, rather than straining your joints and tendons.

Try this mini-workout!
Getting the most out of 10 minutes?

-Allways warm up by walking for around 2 minutes, or lifting your knees one by one in place.

– Take a 30 seconds break.

– Continue with 2 minutes push ups, use your knees as a beginner.

– Take a 30 seconds break.

– Do squats for 2 minutes, pausing one second at the bottom of each squad.

– Take 30 seconds break.

– Do 2 minutes back extensions: Lie on your stomach and raise your shoulders and legs. On top, hold for a second and relax your neck.

– Take a well deserved break. You may want to end with crunches for your abdominal muscles, but with the other exercises you burn a lot already!

Whether you are at home, at the gym or at work, you can always move. Moreover, you can decide how much you want to move. Challenge yourself to move more during your day  and, in time, it will be easier for you. Good luck!

Goals: Set your ‘Move Goal’ to the number of minutes you want to start with, for example 30 minutes a day. If you notice after a week that you can easily achieve this, you can expand to 60 minutes. In Do Goal you can set a location (gym, home) where you will do your exercises. Make specific what you want to do that week and how of

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