You can get really insecure from a blemished skin. You might even notice that you feel less happy when your skin is blemished. There are so many cosmetic products for a glowing and pure skin, but it’s even better to nourish your skin from the inside. Therefore we provide some tips on how to take care of your skin.

Nutrition do’s and don’ts

Several researches confirm that there is a relation between dairy products and acne: the more milk you consume, the more you suffer from acne. Another research shows that people eating high amounts of saturated fats and/or simple carbs suffer from acne more often. This are products high in sugar and oily products like cheese and crisps. But there is also good news: science never found a relationship between chocolate and acne. And you can continue eating spicy foods without any harm as well :-).

Vitamins and acne

As to vitamin deficiencies and acne there hasn’t been done that much research yet. But it seems like a vitamin A deficiency and vitamin E deficiency is related to (the amount of) acne. However it’s important to get all vitamins and minerals in, because it’s good for you immune system which prevents infections.

Omega fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids can help when you suffer from inflammations (fiery and painful pimples). This is because the omega fatty acids can inhibit the inflammatory process. You can get them from fatty fish, walnuts, plant based oils and green leafy vegetables.


The skin exists for a big part of water. Water is needed to get metabolic wastes out of your body. A dry skin can cause irritations, redness and inflammations. You lose dead skin cells more easily when you drink enough water which prevents clogging.

Sleep and stress

Insomnia can cause stress. Research shows that stress has a strong relation with acne. This is because your body produces hormones during stress which can lead to a blemished skin. But acne can cause stress as well. It has a serious impact on quality of life, self esteem, body image and social relationships. So try to get enough sleep and avoid stress as much as possible. If that’s not possible, try some mindfulness so now and then.

The sun and heat

Sunlight can reduce acne, mostly on places like the chest and back. But don’t let your skin burn in the sun, because this will only make the acne worse and can cause skin cancer. Use sun protection and don’t be in the sun for longer than an hour. Foggy heat can make blemishes worse because it clogs sebaceous glands. If so, make sure to wash your skin more often with handwarm water.

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