Seven ways to relax when things get stressful at work
Seven ways to relax when things get stressful at work

Everyone suffers from stress sometimes. Stress is particularly common at work: in 2017, nearly 16% of Dutch employees even experienced burnout complaints. However, some stress at work is not necessarily a problem. Those nerves for an important presentation can actually provide some extra focus which will help you present even better. But work stress can also be very annoying if, for example, it takes too long, or if you suffer from it too often and therefore cannot recover properly. Not only does it make you feel less comfortable, it can also reduce the quality of your work. Instead of waiting to relax until your workday is over, you can also relax at work. Curious how? Keep on reading!

Tips to at work

  1. Take a moment for yourself
    At work it can be beneficial to sometimes take a moment for yourself to recharge. For example, listen to some relaxing music or watch a funny YouTube video to completely shift your attention to something else. After your short break, you are ready to tackle that work problem again!
  2. Get a breath of fresh air
    Are you completely stressed out? Cool off while taking a short walk. That way you can get away from it all for a moment. A little exercise can provide new energy, and some sun can do wonders for your mood!
  3. Give yourself a massage or do some stretching exercises
    Stress can also manifest itself as tension in the body. Many people with an office job regularly experience tension in their neck, shoulders or back. Take a moment to relax these muscle groups by stretching yourself or by massaging the aching muscles for a short while. Or massage your temple with an essential oil such as lavender for extra relaxation. You could even consider doing some short yoga exercises at work!
  4. Visualize
    Do you ever daydream during work? Use your imagination to relax! Close your eyes, imagine you’re lying on a beach for a minute, with rustling palm trees and a wavy sea in the background.
  5. Drink a cup of tea
    A simple ritual such as preparing a cup of tea can give you the break you need. In addition to the fact that green tea helps you relax through the substance L-theanine, it can also be very relaxing to really take your time to make this drink. Consciously wait until the water is at the right temperature, pour the water into a mug, let the bag sit for a moment and enjoy the smell before continuing your day at work.
  6. Be mindful
    You can also be mindful during your work day in other ways. For example, focus on one task at a time and let go of the other things for now. Write your other tasks down for later if you still can’t get them out of your mind, or make a schedule. This gives your mind more space to work calmly.
  7. Don’t forget to eat!
    Keep eating regularly. Fluctuations in your blood sugar levels can cause extra stress. Moreover, what you eat also influences how you feel. So take care of your needs!

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