The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and we have already some sunny days. Spring is finally on its way. Along with the arrival of spring, a number of crocuses and snowdrops are slowly appearing. Everything around us begins to grow. The beginning of spring is therefore the ideal time to start planting or sowing flowers yourself. But why should we actually engage in gardening? And how do you start? Can you, for example, do gardening without a garden (spoiler: yes)? These questions will all be answered in this blog!

Why gardening?

Gardening makes us happy. We do not only know this intuitively, various research has also scientifically proved this. For example, different plants improve air quality (NASA), but the sight of plants can already cause a more relaxed atmosphere. Being busy with gardening can also significantly reduce stress: a study by Wageningen University showed, for example, that gardening makes you more relaxed compared to reading a magazine. The big advantage of gardening is that your brain area where you have focused attention can finally relax. You do not have to think about complicated matters like work and relationships when you’re busy taking care of your plants. This way you can let your brain rest for a while. The advantage of gardening yourself is that you can grow your own herbs, vegetables and fruit according to your own taste. A salad made from your own cultured ingredients tastes extra delicious! Convinced? Keep on reading for some useful tips!

Tips for gardening

  1. Start small. You do not have to plant a complete vegetable garden right away, even in your windowsill you can start with some simple herbs. You also do not need much space to start gardening. On your balcony or in your windowsill you can always create room for a few plants.
  2. Note the amount of sunlight that falls on the spot where you want to place your plants. One plant needs more sunlight than the other. Keep this in mind before you buy or sow your plants.
  3. Use your space efficiently. If you have less room for plants than you would like, there are always solutions for this. A window farm (a vertical garden in front of your window) can for example create a lot of space for plants in your windowsill. You can also garden vertically in other places in your home or on your balcony. Square foot gardening is a good option to efficiently create a vegetable garden. You divide your vegetable garden into boxes, where you sow different plants.
  4. Mix different plants. By varying in plants and flowers it looks extra nice and you can often continue to enjoy your plants at different times of the year. Some plants can also strengthen or weaken each other. Especially for the vegetable garden it is useful to take this into account (companion planting).
  5. Attract birds, butterflies and bees to your outdoor garden, this can also be done on your balcony. Good for nature, good for your plants, and fun for you to watch!

The NiceDay app can also assist you in gardening. For example, plan in the Daily Planner when you need to water your plants. Register for a few days how you felt after gardening and see if it makes you feel more relaxed.

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