This weekend the clock shifts to winter time. We are going into the darker period of the year. When the alarm clock rings it’s still dark outside and when going home from work it’s already dark outside. You’ve probably heard already that daylight has a positive effect on how you feel and how you sleep. But why is that?

Daylight and health

The first reason is quite simple: you need light to grow. Think about the plants and flowers, they only grow when they get enough light. For us it’s the same, we also need light to survive. It’s scientifically proven that our body has cells that can emit light, those cells need light in return to be able to emit. When you are sick it is hard for your cells to emit light.

Daylight and sleep

Another reason is that daylight affects your alertness and your sleep cycle. Daylight will help your body to produce melatonin. That’s why (artificial) daylight is often used to fight winter depression and insomnia. When you use your laptop, smartphone or tablet in the evening, the chance that you have trouble falling asleep will get bigger.

Daylight and the body

You don’t only perceive light through your eyes, but also through your skin. When your skin gets in touch with light, the UV radiation will turn the light into vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for your immune system and is also needed to absorb other nutrients.

NiceDay app

Try to get more daylight. For example by going for a walk during your lunch break. Plan a moment in your Daily Planner and describe how you feel afterwards.

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