In my previous blog you have received some guidelines for planning rewards. Now you can start! Below you find a list of ways to reward yourself. Get inspired and add your own rewards! 

Fun activities as a reward

Go do something nice as a reward: go to a festival, concert, museum, carnaval, activity with your kids, visit a playground, watch Netflix, play computer games, play pool, watch a game, a night out, throwing a party, follow a course (for example photography, cooking, pottery), sing karaoke, cinema, game night with friends, walking in nature, themepark, camp in your backyard, go to a swimming pool, so something from your bucket-list (skydiving), karting, visit an aquarium, lasergaming, try a teamsport. Enough great rewards!

Food as a reward

Make a superfood smoothie, cook your favorite dish, buy your favorite tart, go to your favorite restaurant, go out for lunch, eating a cookie, order take out food, buy an ice cream during lunch break, eat French cheeses, enjoy your guilty pleasure, savor a good glass of wine, drink hot chocolate with whipped cream, bake (and eat) a cake! 

Free rewards

Of course there are also rewards that cost no money at all: spend time with someone who makes you smile, dans in your living room, take a long bath, make a puzzle, gardening, read a good book, fantasize, do a mindfulness exercise, light a scented candle, do your hobby (photography, painting, drawing), volunteering, redecorating your closets, send a message to someone you are thankful for, make plant cuttings, send yourself a kind message, send a letter to your future self, listen to your favorite music, play a game, meditate, do arts and crafts, ask for help, sleep in, watch a game on tv, play video games. 

Self care rewards

Visit a spa, get a manicure or pedicure, cut your hair, polish your nails, get a new tattoo or piercing, buy your favorite shower gel, go to a wax bar, push all your to-do’s to tomorrow, hire a cleaning lady for one day, yoga lesson, take a day off, do mindfulness, take a face mask, do an afternoon nap without feeling guilty, get your car cleaned, watch a makeup tutorial on YouTube, wear your favorite perfume, write in your journal, go to bed early, visit a tanning salon, get a facial, plan a child-free day or afternoon, try a teamsport. 

Rewards to buy

Buying something new is always fun as a reward. Think of: new clothes or shoes, that book you a dying to read, visit a flea market, buy a fun gadget such as a Google Home System or a smartwatch, buy a lottery ticket, a new painting, download a paid app, a new bag, kitchen appliance, a gym membership, a plant for more oxygen in your bedroom, a slowjuicer for healthy juices, a wake-up light for getting out of bed in the morning, a new ring or bracelet, something to decorate your desk with, headphones, a hat, a large bouquet of lovely smelling flowers.

Outside activities as rewards

Going outside is also a nice reward: go for a walk, adopt a dog, go hiking with friends, visit a botanical garden, take a kitesurf lesson, go for a swim, horseback riding, picnicking, play frisbee, go to the beach, visit a large forest, a weekend getaway, plant a tree, go canoeing or sailing, watch the sunset, try out lesson scuba diving, pick your own fruit or flowers, go wine tasting.

A whole list full of inspiration! Plan your reward, enjoy your reward and keep yourself motivated. Do you miss something in the list that rewards yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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Ilya de Groot

Hi, my name is Ilya, I am a psychologist and coach at NiceDay. I love traveling, good food, new experiences and exercising (roller skating and skiing). The balance between effort and relaxation is important to keep, are you managing? I would like to help you with that!

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