International Day of Positive Thinking 2018!
International Day of Positive Thinking 2018!
positief denken

The International Day of Positive Thinking this year falls on Thursday the 13th of September, so tomorrow! Although it is nice to always try to think positive, tomorrow we pay some extra attention to this. How do you optimally use that day? We will tell you now!

How to do it

There are several areas in life in which you can practice positivity. Perhaps you have to work tomorrow, or you have plans with your partner, kids or friends, or you have a day for yourself. Below we give a couple of tips for each of these areas of life, to make the best of your day tomorrow!

At work

  • Agree with your coworkers not to complain tomorrow but only say positive words about and to each other.
  • Play a compliment game at lunch, where everybody writes down a compliment for a coworker at the lunch table.

In your social life

  • Send a handwritten postcard today to someone close to you who brings you positivity. Write a personal message in which you tell him or her how important he/she is for you. In this way, you give that someone a special feeling. And by giving compliments, you get a special feeling yourself as well!
  • Give a sincere compliment to someone you know (or don’t know) in your surroundings.
  • Do you have kids? Tell them today about The Day of Positive Thinking and let them say something sweet about each other and about themselves. If you start, they will follow!

For yourself

  • Start a positive journal today! What that is and how you do that, you can find here!
  • Before going to bed tonight, write down what you are grateful for and read this again tomorrow morning. In this way, you will start your day full of gratitude!
  • Good morning Tiger! Give yourself at least one compliment when you look in the mirror tomorrow morning.
  • Be kind to yourself, love yourself. How do you do that? Easy! Just say to yourself you love yourself! You can find some tips here.
  • Allow yourself an optimal rested feeling tomorrow by going to bed half an hour early.
  • What is your favorite food? Buy/make that for yourself so you can enjoy it tomorrow.
  • Take a moment just for yourself. Some ideas are; take a bath, read a book, do some yoga or a meditation exercise.
  • It also seems to be international day of chocolate tomorrow. Just saying… 😉

With these tips you will probably have a major positive day tomorrow! Are you up for the challenge to make this a habit? NiceDay can help you with that by planning a positive activity in your daily planner every day! In this way, you will never forget!

Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.

NiceDay actions

  • Keep a positive journal in NiceDay by registering the positive things about the day in your Feelings Registration before going to bed. Notice how you feel after writing down these positive things.
  • Use the Daily Planner in NiceDay as a reminder to do of say something positive every day.
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Ilya de Groot

Hi, my name is Ilya, I am a psychologist and coach at NiceDay. I love traveling, good food, new experiences and exercising (roller skating and skiing). The balance between effort and relaxation is important to keep, are you managing? I would like to help you with that!

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