When you just start practicing mindfulness, this is a great exercise to teach you to focus. The breath is quit easy to follow because it gives you physical sensations.

You may feel where the air enters your nose when you inhale, the air may be colder or warmer. And you may feel how your breath is raising your chest and tummy. You don’t have to breathe in a special way, only to follow your breath. Sit down somewhere quiet, with a straight back and a relaxed but awake posture.

The basics are the same as with most mindfulness exercises:

  1. You focus on something (e.g. sound, thought, breath, emotion) and try to keep your attention at that subject.
  2. If your mind wanders, just notice without judging. Subsequently, softly guide your attention back to your focus.
  3. As soon as you notice your mind is wandering again, just slowly go back and try again. It’s totally normal your mind wanders, that’s what minds do.

Goals: See if you are able to schedule this exercise at a fixed moment in your daily routine, because mindfulness has the most effect when performed on a regular basis. When you are connected with a Coach or a therapist, you can set this exercise in the app at Free Goal.

For an example of a breathing exercise you can click on this link .

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