Sometimes everything goes wrong. I have angered the universe and that’s why it’s working against me now. The universe wants to make it loud and clear: I should have sticked to my plan to take a break. However, mostly I just keep going, it feels safe and it (almost) always works for me. Unfortunately, not this time. Life slapped me in the face. But today karma came around. Good karma, to be precise.

What is karma?

I believe in karma. I believe that if you perform a certain action, it might have negative or positive consequences for you. I’ve seen it a couple of times: people constantly pointing at someone else, not facing their own mistakes. On a random day, karma strikes these persons, which is a good thing, because this way they learn to respect the others. However, there is also ‘good karma’. For example, when you help a friend through a rough time, karma can give you something beautiful in return.

Not fair

I recently had to deal with karma. After four years at university, I was  finally about to get my bachelor’s degree. I had just one exam to go but I was confident that I would pass. In the meantime, I got accepted to the master’s of my dreams. As I wrote in my previous blog post, I was actually planning to take half a year off. However, when I heard that I got accepted to the master’s, I drastically changed my plans.

This dream started to crumble around me: I completely spaced out during my last exam. I walked away in tears, feeling like a loser.  Do I have to stay at this University for another year? Is it karma telling me that I should have sticked to my plan? That I got ahead of myself?  Well, deep inside I knew I did.

Learning experience

After two days of grief and unrest I started to fight for my dream again. It took me a couple of weeks but it worked out. In the end of this year I will have my degree, end of the story!

So karma is paying off in a good way. I will have a half-year break to recharge. I can breathe again! It’s less pressure and therefore I’m very grateful.

Quote with this story: What comes around, goes around.



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