The new year is about to begin and a lot of people want to start the new year with exercising. This is also why a lot of  gyms get new subscriptions of motivated people with new year’s resolutions. But why do people suddenly want to exercise more when the new year has arrived?

The month of December

Is it because of all the food we eat during the festivities in December? Do we want to get rid of the extra kilos we gained? Or is it just because of the ‘new start, new me’? Anyway, people seem to be motivated to work out again in the new year. And that is definitely not a bad thing!  But why only then?

Hold on!

Unfortunately, most of the people will work out only for a couple of weeks and after these first few weeks they stop. That is too bad, because the most difficult period is already behind you. In the beginning you still have to build muscles and up your fitness level. But when you train regularly, exercising should get a little easier. Still, a lot of people stop after a while. But why? Ask yourself the following questions: what can help me to stay motivated? Does working out get boring? Do I need more variation? Think out-of-the-box!

Furthermore, having a goal can also be motivating. However, make sure that it is an achievable goal. Realise that you are doing this for yourself, and for your own body. It is for a good cause and that will give you the motivation.

How to stay motivated

Of course it is way easier to say: ‘’find the right motivation and set achievable goals’’, then to actually stay motivated. But with the right tricks, you’ll be able to stay motivated! For example, if you are going to exercise, do it always on the same time. This will make sure it is going to be a ‘habit’. A habit is something that has become natural for you, because of this it will cost you less effort.

Furthermore, it is important to write down your pitfalls. You learn from them! If your pitfall is that you want to see immediate results, ask yourself: is this achievable? Think by yourself: what is achievable? If you find it difficult to answer this question you can ask help from people who know more about it. For example a personal sports coach!

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