Want to have a laugh? Check out these podcasts
Want to have a laugh? Check out these podcasts

Sometimes life is a little disappointing and then humor can be an outlet to drag yourself through the bad days. Humor plays a major role in our lives because it is a way to connect with the people around you. In addition, we often get cheerful when there is a good sense of humor. It can also help us to look at certain situations differently. Would you like to have a good laugh? No worries, we got you covered. Here are three tips in which humor plays a major role and I guarantee that they will make you laugh:

Man man man, the podcast

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Three friends in their early thirties discuss a certain topic during each podcast episode, and they ask themselves the question “how masculine are we?”. They all work for a radiostation, so they know how to fascinate listeners. They are very open about their experiences, joke around and they mostly laugh a lot! In addition, it is nice to listen to how men deal with certain situations in their lives and their views on this (especially episode 3 of season 1 is very hilarious).

College tour with Peter Pannekoek

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You may have seen Peter Pannekoek at DWDD where he is the in-house comedian or in the famous roasts at Comedy Central. In this episode of College Tour he is interviewed by Matthijs van Nieuwkerken about his profession and his shows. He talks in an interesting and funny way about this career as a comedian. He also talks about people that inspire him the most. If you want to know more about the work of a comedian and how you can further develop yourself, this interview is definitely worth watching.

Tim Fransen – Life as a tragicomedy (book)

Link bol.com
Tim Fransen has written a book in which he argues that comedy is not the opposite of the tragedy in life. With this book, he wants to tell the reader that humor offers an alternative perspective on our inevitable failures we make as human beings. He describes how human beings are determined by a number of tragic limitations. A person is mortal, vulnerable and has all kinds of defects. This book gives you a perspective to face the tragedy of life instead of fleeing it, which often works destructively. He mainly wants to offer a perspective that can provide a breeding ground for increasing the sense of solidarity among fellow rumblers.

Have fun laughing!

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