When was the last time you laughed very hard? You will definitely remember the relaxed feeling after laughing. That laughing is healthy you probably already know.  Laughing is not always that easy, one laughs more than another. But what makes laughing this healthy?

Natural “feel good drug”
Endorphin, the feel good drug. Endorphin decreases the pain, when you are laughing you create endorphin. This makes you feel better and happier. If the endorphin gets free because you are laughing, you will feel more positive. Also laughing decrease stress hormones, the endorphin replace these hormones. Because of this you will feel less stressed. Laughing is a healthy ‘feel good drug’, and it is also for free! Another benefit is: your brain does not know the difference between a ‘real’ and ‘fake’ laugh. Because of this you can also take advantage of all the benefits while you are fake laughing.

Less illness, more smiling
Your immune system also benefits from your smile. By laughing you are creating a better immune system. Laughing causes the antiseptics that increase in your blood. These antibodies are good to stop diseases. This will make you less sick and will help you recover faster when you get sick. Laughing about 30 minutes a day reduces the production of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’. As a result, the vascular walls of the arteries will get smoother. This decreases the chance of a heart attack.

Smile to your condition
It sounds crazy but laughing is also good for your muscles. While you are laughing you are using muscles, like your abs. Without knowing you are burning calories, and also in a funny way! You probably experienced pain in your belly from laughing? That means that you were using your muscles. It is good for your muscles to laugh everyday. Of course, it does not mean that you do not have to exercise anymore. Exercising and laughing can be done at the same time, extra training for your muscles! 

How do you smile more?
Laughing is not as easy as it sounds, some people experience trouble laughing. There are many ways to laugh. It works the best if you are laughing with the people around you. If you laugh, the rest will laugh too. Hang out with people you like and who you think are funny. Smiling can also help you to start laughing, if you smile you are feeling more positive. You can also watch TV programs that you like and think are funny. And last but not least, laugh at yourself. For example, when you made a little mistake, laugh about it. The next time you won’t make the mistake again.

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